Investigation into the Scaling the Actual Condition of Patients at the Oral Prophylaxis Lab in D College in Gangwon Province and Their use of Oral Hygiene Supplies

강원지역 D대학의 치면세마 실습 내원환자에 대한 스켈링 실태 및 구강위생용품 사용 실태 조사

  • Published : 2009.05.28


The purpose of this study was to examine the satisfaction level of patients with oral health care provided by a dental hospital, especially scaling, and their oral health behavior. The subjects in this study were 263 college students who were in their 20s and selected from among patients who visited D university dental hospital in Gangwon Province during the oral prophylaxis practice of dental hygiene sophomores and juniors. The findings of the study were as follows: 1. Whether the selected students had ever had their teeth scaled was checked, and those who had outnumbered the others who hadn't. The rates of the former and latter respectively stood at 61.2 percent and 38.8 percent. Regarding places where they got their teeth scaled, the majority of the students that represented 75.2 percent did that at dental clinics. By gender, 34.4 percent of the male students did that at schools, which were larger than 11.8 percent of the female students who did. 88.2 percent of the female students did that at dental clinics, which were larger than 65.5 percent of the male students who did. Gender made significant differences to that(x2=10.79, p<.01). 2. As for satisfaction level with scaling by gender, the male students (38.7%) who had no specific idea outnumbered the female students (26.5%) who did. The female students(57.4%) who felt no pain during scaling outnumbered the male students(55.9%) who did. Gender made a significant difference to their responses. (x2=6.38, p<.05). 3. Concerning the use of oral hygiene supplies, most of the students who represented 72.2 percent had never flossed their teeth, and as many as 86.3 percent had never used a tongue cleaner. But the gaps between them and the others were not statistically significant.


Oral Health;Oral Hygiene Supplies;Scaling;Oral Prophylaxis Practice


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