Functional Analysis of Expressed Sequence Tags from Hanwoo (Korean Cattle) cDNA Libraries

한우 cDNA 라이브러리에서 발현된 ESTs의 기능분석

  • 임다정 (농촌진흥청 축산과학원 생명환경부) ;
  • 변미정 (농촌진흥청 축산과학원 생명환경부) ;
  • 조용민 (농촌진흥청 축산과학원 생명환경부) ;
  • 윤두학 (농촌진흥청 축산과학원 생명환경부) ;
  • 이승환 (농촌진흥청 축산과학원 생명환경부) ;
  • 신윤희 (인실리코젠) ;
  • 임석기 (농촌진흥청 축산과학원 생명환경부)
  • Received : 2008.07.11
  • Accepted : 2009.02.10
  • Published : 2009.02.01


We generated 57,598 expressed sequence tags (ESTs) from 3 cDNA libraries of Hanwooo (Korean Cattle), fat, loin, liver. Liver, intermuscular fat and longissimus dorsi tissues were obtained from a 24-month-old Hanwoo steer immediately after slaughter. cDNA library was constructed according to the oligocapped method. The EST data were clustered and assembled into unique sequences, 4,759 contigs and 7,587 singletons. To carry out functional analysis, Gene Ontology annotation and identification of significant leaf nodes were performed that were detected by searching significant p-values from $2^{nd}$ level GO terms to leaf nodes using Bonferroni correction. We found that 13, 26 and 8 significant leaf nodes are unique in the transcripts according to 3 GO categories, molecular function, biological process and cellular component. Also digital gene expression profiling using the Audic's test was performed and tissue specific genes were detected in the above 3 libraries.


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