Effects of PGA-LM on CD4+CD25+foxp3+ Treg Cell Activation in Isolated CD4+ T Cells in NC/Nga Mice

NC/Nga 생쥐에서 분리한 T 세포에서 foxp3+ 세포 활성화에 대한 PGA-LM의 효과

  • Jang, Soon-Nam (Department of Bioengineering, Graduate School at Konkuk University) ;
  • Kim, Kum-Lan (Department of Bioengineering, Graduate School at Konkuk University) ;
  • Kang, Sang-Mo (Department of Bioengineering, Graduate School at Konkuk University)
  • 장순남 (건국대학교 대학원 생물공학과) ;
  • 김금란 (건국대학교 대학원 생물공학과) ;
  • 강상모 (건국대학교 대학원 생물공학과)
  • Received : 2009.03.04
  • Accepted : 2009.05.13
  • Published : 2009.06.28


Poly-$\gamma$-glutamic acid ($\gamma$-PGA) was mixed natural flora of Bacillus subtilis, contaminated from cooked soybeans. Also, it was performed to find out the antiallergic activity by using NC/Nga mice, in vitro. The $\gamma$-PGA (PGA-HM : PGA-high molecular weight), Molecular weight 300 kDa, was decomposed and made PGA-LM (PGA-low molecular weight) which has molecular weight below 30 kDa by sonication. Therefore, it was same result between PGA-HM and PGA-LM, and reported PGA-LM as basic result. We found that PGA-LM contains antiallergic efficacy that inhibit B cells and Th2 cells activation from isolated CD4+T cells in NC/Nga atopic dermatitis model mice, and not show a cytotoxicity in the hFCs. To investigate the effects of these PGA-LM in vitro, isolation of splenic B cell and CD4+ T cells in atopic dermatitis mice were used. To elucidate the role of PGA-LM in anti-CD40+ interleukin-4 (IL-4)-mediated B-cell activation, showed that the capacity of B cells to expression IL-$1\beta$, IL-6, and TNF-$\alpha$ mRNA down-regulated, and IL-10 mRNA up-regulation by PGA-LM treatment, but it had no effect on TGF-$\beta$ expression. In addition to CD4+IFN-$\gamma$+ and CD4+CD25+foxp3+, the functions of PGA-LM in the development of the CD4+CD25+foxp3+ and CD4+IFN-$\gamma$+cells, the phenotype and functions of PGA-LM induced CD4+CD25+foxp3+, and CD4+IFN-$\gamma$+cells in CD4+T cells. These results suggested that PGA-LM could change cytokine production and generate CD4+CD25+foxp3+ Tregs in NC/Nga mice, and may be effective for immunotherapy in patients with AD.


$\gamma$-PGA;CD4+CD25+foxp3+ Treg;NC/Nga


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