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The Characteristics of an Ultrasonic Sprayer by using Piezoelectric Ceramic Resonator

  • 배상태 (동아대학교 전기공학과) ;
  • 이수호 (경북대학교 전자전기컴퓨터공학부) ;
  • 석정영 (경북대학교 전자전기컴퓨터공학부) ;
  • 김철환 (울산대학교 전기공학과) ;
  • 사공건 (동아대학교 전기공학과)
  • 발행 : 2009.05.01


The conventional ultrasonic nozzle produces a mist by applying an ultrasonic vibration into a non-flowering liquid. In this paper, we first present a novel designed nozzle type sprayer that is able to apply an ultrasonic vibration directly to the moving liquid and generate a mist instantly. For the novel nozzle, a ring-type actuator of the novel nozzle was designed and built using the PZW-PMN-PZT ceramics. This paper will describe a variety of physical, mechanical, and electrical characteristics of the ultrasonic nozzle. The characteristics of the mist particles was also measured as the amount of the outflow liquid was varied.


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