Evaluation on Optimal Height of the Bin Wall using Stability Analysis

안정해석을 통한 공동 일체식 옹벽의 최적높이 평가

  • Bae, Woo-Seok (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Cheongju University)
  • 배우석 (청주대학교 이공대학 토목환경공학과)
  • Published : 2009.04.30


Structures to support against slop failures or resist earth pressure like masonry retaining walls or retaining walls have continued to advance and evolve to new eco-friendly, easy-to-construct, crib retaining walls with varied forms and construction methods, meeting the needs of the times. Researches until now, however, have focused on the analyses of site displacement or stability of the whole site including structures like retaining walls, and thus, researches on rational design or method for stability analysis are lacking. Therefore, this study was conducted on a number of stability analyses, such as the visual power line or stability on sliding, being presented for bin walls, which enable vegetation to grow and were developed and applied in varied forms, meeting the development demands for eco-friendly retaining wall structures. This study compared the results of stability analyses, determined their feasibility, and evaluated their stability according to the height and facade slope of retaining walls. According to the results of this study, traditional masonry retaining wall analysis showed rather conservative stability evaluation results in the stability evaluation of bin walls, and the method using the visual power line seems to be objective because it produced similar results to the stability evaluation method on sliding or turnover.


retaining walls;stability analysis;bin wall;visual power line


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