An Assessment of the Accuracy for Digital Radiography Image

디지털 방사선투과영상의 정밀성 평가에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2009.04.30


Film based radiography imaging technique has been applied to the non-destructive test in medical, aircraft, and power industries contributing to the development of the industries. However, the complex process for imaging and analysis has increasingly demanded the reformation of the radiography test. A digital radiography imaging technologies has been com out from the demand. This study was mainly focused on the assessment on the accuracy for the each image from digital radiography test and film radiography test was proven to crate a better image in sensitivity than film radiography test. In the IQI(Image quality indicator) transmission test, one or two more line can be seen in digital image than in film image. When applying to the boiler tube weld, film image is detectable to the 1.0mm depth flaw; and digital image to the 0.5mm depth flaw. As a result of this study, digital radiography technology is determined to enhance the image quality, compared to film radiography technologies


Non-destructive test;Digital radiography;Welding inspection


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