Effects of Cheunggyeongsamul-tang Extract on Longitudinal Bone Growth in Adolescent Female Rats

청경사물탕(淸經四物湯) 추출물의 성장기 흰쥐 장골길이 성장에 대한 효과

  • Lee, Jung-Hun (Department of Herbology, College of Oriental Medicine, Semyung University) ;
  • Lee, Se-Na (Department of Herbology, College of Oriental Medicine, Semyung University) ;
  • Son, Jae-Bong (Department of Herbology, College of Oriental Medicine, Semyung University) ;
  • Keum, So-Hyun (Department of Herbology, College of Oriental Medicine, Semyung University) ;
  • Leem, Kang-Hyun (Department of Herbology, College of Oriental Medicine, Semyung University)
  • 이정헌 (세명대학교 한의과대학 본초학교실) ;
  • 이세나 (세명대학교 한의과대학 본초학교실) ;
  • 손재봉 (세명대학교 한의과대학 본초학교실) ;
  • 금소현 (세명대학교 한의과대학 본초학교실) ;
  • 임강현 (세명대학교 한의과대학 본초학교실)
  • Published : 2009.12.30


Objectives : This study was designed to investigate the effects of Cheunggyeongsamul-tang extract on the growth of longitudinal bone in adolescent female rats. Methods : Longitudinal bone growth was measured by fluorescent microscopy. To examine the effects on the growth plate metabolism, the total height of growth plate, the induction of local insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), IGF-1 receptor, bone morphogenetic protein-2 (BMP-2), BMPR-1A, indian hedgehog (IHH), and parathyroid hormone-related protein (PTH-rP) were measured. Results : Cheunggyeongsamul-tang extract enhanced longitudinal bone growth and total height of the growth plate. Also, it promoted the induction of local IGF-1, BMP-2, IHH and PTH-rP of the growth plate. Conclusions : This study shows that the Cheunggyeongsamul-tang extract effects longitudinal bone growth in adolescent rats and might be used for both stunted adolescents and inherent growth failure patients.


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