Analysis of the Water Temperature Stratification-Maintaining Conditions Using CFD in Case of Intake of Deep, Low-Temperature Water

댐의 심층저온수 취수시 수온 성층화 유지 조건에 대한 CFD를 이용한 분석

  • Published : 2009.04.30


This study was conducted to forecast inner water temperature strata change by extracting deep water from a dam. For the methodology, the scope wherein the balance between the volume of low-temperature water intake through the virtual water intake opening as installed within the stored water area and the volume of water intake from the surrounding area is not destroyed was calculated through the CFD simulation technique using the computational fluid dynamics(CFD) interpretation method. This study suggested a supplementary method(diffuser) to avoid destroying the water temperature strata, and the effect was reviewed. In case of intake of the same volume, when the velocity of flow of water intake is reduced by increasing the pipe diameter, the destruction of water temperature strata can be minimized. When the area(height) where the intake of water is possible is low, a diffuser for interrupting the vertical direction inflow should be installed to secure favorable water intake conditions in case of water intake on the upper part. This study showed that there was no problem if the intake-enabled, low-temperature area was secured approximately 10m from the bottom when the scope that does not destroy the water temperature strata in case of water intake was forecast using the regression formula.


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