Mathematical Infinite Concepts in Arts

미술에 표현된 수학의 무한사상

  • Kye, Young-Hee (Dept. of Early Childhood Education, Kosin University)
  • 계영희 (고신대학교 유아교육과)
  • Published : 2009.05.31


From ancient Greek times, the infinite concepts had debated, and then they had been influenced by Hebrew's tradition Kabbalab. Next, those infinite thoughts had been developed by Roman Catholic theologists in the medieval ages. After Renaissance movement, the mathematical infinite thoughts had been described by the vanishing point in Renaissance paintings. In the end of 1800s, the infinite thoughts had been concreted by Cantor such as Set Theory. At that time, the set theoretical trend had been appeared by pointillism of Seurat and Signac. After 20 century, mathematician $M\ddot{o}bius$ invented <$M\ddot{o}bius$ band> which dimension was more 3-dimensional space. While mathematicians were pursuing about infinite dimensional space, artists invented new paradigm, surrealism. That was not real world's images. So, it is called by surrealism. In contemporary arts, a lot of artists has made their works by mathematical material such as Mo?bius band, non-Euclidean space, hypercube, and so on.


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