Morphological Description of Cynoglossus joyneri Larvae Collected from the Yellow Sea

황해 참서대(Cynoglossus joyneri) 자어의 형태기재

  • Gu, Seon-Ok (Biology Education, Pukyong National University) ;
  • Hwang, Hak-Jin (Fisheries Resources and Environment Division, West Sea Fisheries Research Institute) ;
  • Kim, Jin-Koo (Department of Marine Biology, Pukyong National University)
  • 구선옥 (부경대학교 생물교육) ;
  • 황학진 (서해수산연구소 자원환경과) ;
  • 김진구 (부경대학교 자원생물학과)
  • Published : 2009.12.31


Four specimens of Cynoglossus larvae (3.2-7.3 mm in notochord length, NL) collected from the middle Yellow Sea in August, 2008 were identified as Cynoglossus joyneri larvae based on morphological characteristics; (1) the two elongated dorsal fin rays on the parietal region, (2) protruded abdomen, (3) no melanophores on the mediolateral trunk and tail. Larva of 3.2 mm NL is compressed with a little big head and tapering, long tail. Larva of 7.0 mm NL has 115 dorsal fin and 85 anal fin rays, which are the same to those of adult. Larva of 7.3 mm NL tended to have concave part in the fringe of forehead, in which left-side eye may move to the other side.


Cynoglossus joyneri;Larvae;Development;Morphology;Yellow Sea


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