A Study on the Synchronous Control of Two Motor Cylinders with Skew Disturbance

비대칭외란을 고려한 2축 전동실린더의 동기제어에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2009.12.31


A motor cylinder is widely used as an apparatus for transportation of a small scale load. It is, however, difficult for only one motor cylinder to transfer a large scale load such as a weir. The large scale load is transferred by two motor cylinders which are mounted on right and left of load itself. In this case, the displacement difference generated between two motor cylinders, namely, the synchronous error has a bad influence on the transportation. In this study, a synchronous control system is designed to restrain synchronous error caused by skew disturbance. The control system is composed of two disturbance observers and one synchronous controller. Each disturbance observer is designed to restrain the skew disturbance. And the synchronous controller is designed to achieve stable and accurate synchronization. Finally, the simulation results show that the designed control system is effective for the skew disturbance which lead to synchronous error.


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