The Influence of Land Cover and Zoning on the Urban Heat Island in Cheongju

도시내 용도지역의 토지피복형태가 열섬현상에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 2009.02.28


The present study observed temperature in order to identify factors affecting temperature by zoning and to measure the intensity of their impact on temperature. The empirical results of analyzing observed data are as follows. In order to make up for multicollinearity, a problem in multiple regression analysis, and to give more specific explanations, this study conducted factor analysis and obtained desirable data with adequacy and statistical significance. In the correlation matrix, factors decreasing temperature were planted areas, water surfaces and grasslands, and those increasing temperature were bare grounds, paved areas, and building area. According to land cover patterns, commercial areas had the highest temperature lowering effect. Through the rotated component matrix, we found that factors are grouped into those decreasing temperature, those increasing temperature, and those with low significance in increasing or decreasing temperature. In order to solve the problem of multicollinearity in multiple regression analysis, we performed factor analysis between the land use patterns and temperature and confirmed the usability of factor analysis as a new analysis method in urban heat island.


Urban heat island;Air temperature;Land cover patterns;Multicollinearity;Factor analysis


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