A Study for the Generation of the Lightweight Ontologies

경량 온톨로지 생성 연구

  • Published : 2009.03.31


This paper illustrates the application of co-occurrence theory to generate lightweight ontologies semi-automatically. The proposed model includes three steps of a (Semi-) Automatic creation of Ontology; (they are conceptually named as) the Syntactic-based Ontology, the Semantic-based Ontology and the Ontology Refinement. Each of these three steps are designed to interactively work together, so as to generate Lightweight Ontologies. The Syntactic-based Ontology step includes generating Association words using co-occurrence in web documents. The Semantic-based Ontology step includes the Alignment large Association words with small Ontology, through the process of semantic relations by contextual terms. Finally, the Ontology Refinement step includes the domain expert to refine the lightweight Ontologies. We also conducted a case study to generate lightweight ontologies in specific domains(news domain). In this paper, we found two directions including (1) employment co-occurrence theory to generate Syntactic-based Ontology automatically and (2) Alignment large Association words with small Ontology to generate lightweight ontologies semi-automatically. So far as the design and the generation of big Ontology is concerned, the proposed research will offer useful implications to the researchers and practitioners so as to improve the research level to the commercial use.



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