Analysis of Performance Characteristic for Small Scale Hydro Power Plant with Long Term Inflow Condition Change

장기유입량 변화에 의한 소수력발전소 성능특성분석

  • Published : 2009.12.25


The variation of inflow at stream and hydrologic performance for small scale hydro power(SSHP) plants due to climate change have been studied. The model, which can predict flow duration characteristic of stream, was developed to analyze the variation of inflow caused from rainfall condition. And another model to predict hydrologic performance for SSHP plants is established. Monthly inflow data measured at Andong dam for 32 years were analyzed. The existing SSHP plant located in upstream of Andong dam was selected and analyzed hydrologic performance characteristics. The predicted results from the developed models show that the data were in good agreement with measured results of long term inflow at Andong dam and the existing SSHP plant. Inflow and ideal hydro power potential had increased greatly in recent years, however, these did not lead annual energy production increment of existing SSHP plant. As a results, it was found that the models represented in this study can be used to predict the primary design specifications and inflow of SSHP plants effectively.