Characteristics of Insertion Loss of Transmission Line with Equal Line Length Due to a Rectangular Aperture Size in a Backplane

백플레인 개구의 크기 변화에 따른 대칭 전송선로의 삽입 손실

  • Published : 2009.12.31


This paper presents the backplane effects due to a rectangular aperture size for two-wire transmission line with equal line length crossing the changeable rectangular aperture in an infinite ground backplane. It is used to determine the characteristics of the backplane insertion loss of the transmission line from the load section in accordance with the backplane aperture size. The results show that the insertion gain and insertion loss are obtained for the specific frequency range when the transmission line is closed to the backplane aperture size. The insertion loss is decreased that the aperture horizontal length and vertical length is more than a=50 mm and b=20 mm. The measurements of insertion loss are performed to verify the theoretical analysis.


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