Korean Mistletoe Viscum album coloratum Induces Specific and Non-Specific Immune Responses in Japanese Eel Anguilla japonica

  • Choi, Sang-Hoon (Department of Aquatic Life Medicine, Kunsan National University) ;
  • Rhow, Jin-Goo (Department of Aquatic Life Medicine, Kunsan National University) ;
  • Choi, Min-Soon (Department of Aquatic Life Medicine, Kunsan National University) ;
  • Park, Sung-Woo (Department of Aquatic Life Medicine, Kunsan National University) ;
  • Park, Kwan-Ha (Department of Aquatic Life Medicine, Kunsan National University) ;
  • Yoon, Jong-Man (Department of Aquatic Life Medicine, Kunsan National University) ;
  • Park, Gyung-Il (Department of Aquatic Life Medicine, Kunsan National University)
  • Published : 2009.02.25


Effects of Korean mistletoe extracts (KM-110), Viscum album coloratum on the specific and non-specific immune responses of Japanese eel Anguilla japonica were examined. The optimal concentration not showing toxicity of KM-110 was determined to $30-40{\mu}g/ml$ in vitro and $100{\mu}g$/100 g of fish in vivo. Even $1000{\mu}g$ of KM-110/100 g of fish did not show any clinical problem in fish though the levels of toxic parameters were slightly increased. In terms of antibody production, KM-110 significantly elicited more antibody production than FCA or $\beta$-glucan. $\beta$-glucan plus KM-110 group synergistically enhanced antibody production. There was no significant difference between KM-110 and KM-110 plus $\beta$-glucan group. The ROI production by head kidney (HK) leucocytes of eel injected with 500 or $1000{\mu}g$ KM-110 was significantly (P<0.05) enhanced than the control and FCA-treated group. Maximum increase in the NBT reduction value was observed in $1000{\mu}g$ KM-110 group but no significant difference was found between 500 and $1000{\mu}g$ KM group. The level of serum lysozyme activity was significantly (P<0.05) higher in the 500 and $1000{\mu}g$ KM-110- or FCA-treated group than in the control and $200{\mu}g$ KM-110 group. The phagocytic activities of HK leucocytes isolated from eel injected with 500 and $1000{\mu}g$ KM-110 were significantly (P<0.05) higher than $200{\mu}g$ KM-110 and PBS-injected control group. Korean mistletoe appeared to be a good activator of the specific and non-specific immune responses of Japanese eel.


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