Orbit Determination Using Angle-Only Data for MEO & GEO Satellite and Obsolete

중.고궤도 인공위성 및 폐기위성의 광학관측을 이용한 궤도 결정

Choi, Jin;Kim, Bang-Yeop;Yim, Hong-Suh;Chang, Heon-Young;Yoon, Joh-Na;Kim, Myung-Jin;Hwang, Ok-Jun

  • Published : 2009.03.15


We used an optical observation system with a 0.6m wide-field telescope and 5 computers system in KASI (Korean Astronomy and Space Science Institute) for satellite optical observation. Optical data have errors that are caused by targeting, expose start time and end-point determination. Gauss method for initial orbit determination was tested using angle-only data simulated by KODAS. And suitable time span is confirmed for result which has minimum errors. Initial orbit determination results are proved that optical observation system in KASI is possible satellite tracking for a short period. And also through differential correction, initial orbit determination results are improved.


satellite optical observation;initial orbit determination;differential correction


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