Effects of Combination Treatments of Nisin and High-intensity Ultrasound with High Pressure on the Functional Properties of Liquid Whole Egg

  • Lee, Dong-Un (Department of Food Science & Technology, Chung-Ang University)
  • Published : 2009.12.31


Liquid whole egg (LWE) was subjected to high hydrostatic pressure (HHP), a consecutive combination of nisin and HHP (nisin-HHP), or a consecutive combination of ultrasound and HHP (ultrasound-HHP), and functional properties of processed LWE were compared to those of raw LWE. Little changes in foaming and emulsifying properties were observed by the application of HHP alone and the combined process of nisin and HHP. In contrast, ultrasound-HHP combination resulted in significant changes in color, foaming, and emulsifying properties. The maintenance of functional properties after HHP treatment agreed with expectation, because the HHP processing condition had been selected where minimal rheological changes had occurred.


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