Pectolytic Enzymes of the Industrial Fungus Aspergillus kawachii

  • Published : 2009.12.31


Aspergillus kawachii extracellular pectinases were screened in liquid cultures with different carbon sources. The fungus grown on citrus pectin or lemon pomace produced at least one of these inducible pectinases: acidic polygalacturonase, pectin lyase, pectin methylesterase, $\alpha$-L-arabinofuranosidase, $\alpha$-1,5-endoarabinase, $\beta$-D-galactosidase/exogalactanase, and $\beta$-1,4-endogalactanase. The lemon-pomace filtrates also contained significant $\alpha$-L-rhamnosidase and $\beta$-D-fucosidase activities. Most of the screened pectinases were active at pH 2.0-2.5, indicating that the A. kawachii enzymes were acidophilic. Under the culture conditions employed we could not detect enzymatic degradation of soybean rhamnogalacturonan. The A. kawachii pectinase-production-related regulatory phenomena of induction-repression resemble those described for other Aspergillus sp.



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