Actual State and Characteristics of Indoor Noise Including Residents' Living in Apartment Units

아파트 단위주거 내부생활소음의 특성과 실태

  • 최윤정 (충북대학교 주거환경학과)
  • Published : 2009.02.25


The present study is a preliminary research improving the dwelling quality of apartment house as a kind of multi-family housing. The purpose of the study is to find out the actual state on characteristics of indoor noise including residents' living in apartment units. The method was field survey consisted of field measurements on equivalent noise level, observation on noise type, and interview on residents' responses. Field survey were carried out in 20 occupied apartment units from January to March 2007. The results are as follows. 1) Averages of indoor noise levels including residents' living noise were measured as $43.9{\sim}62.2\;dB(A)_{Leq5min}$, the average of each house except one was higher than the permissible level, 45 dB(A). 2) The noise types observed were mostly residents' living noise and classified into 'water hammer', 'living equipment noise', 'noise by family', 'hood noise', 'kitchen noise' in own unit, 'walking and talking noise in stairs and corridors', 'noise by neighborhood house', 'noise by the upper story' in building, and outdoor noise. 3) The residents showed slightly non-positive responses at 'noise by the upper story', 'noise by neighborhood house', 'water hammer', and 'noise by family'. Therefore, it is required to plan for preventing deterioration of the dwelling quality by residents' living noise in own unit as well as by neighborhood houses.


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