Investigation of Water Quality and Hydrological Characteristic When Red Tide Develop in the Mouth of Hyeongsan River

형산강 하류 적조발생시 수질 및 수문학적 특성 검토

  • Lee, Chang-Soo (Department of Architectural Engineering, Uiduk University)
  • Published : 2009.10.30


To investigate the influence of water area calmness on the red tide development, runoff phenomena due to antecedent precipitation of red tide development day were analyzed. There were examined the water quality variation properties at about the same time of the red tide develop. The red tide was developed when the stage and discharge nearly had not changed. It was estimated that the stability of particle behavior in the mouth of river effected on the red tide develop. Also, the concentrations of $COD_{Mn}$ were increased about 241~629% when the red tide developed.


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