Statistics Quality Assessment and Improvement of Monitoring on Soil Quality

토양오염도 현황 통계의 품질 진단과 개선 방안

  • Kim, Kee-Dae (Department of Environmental Education, Korea National University of Education)
  • 김기대 (한국교원대학교 환경교육과)
  • Published : 2009.10.30


The statistics of monitoring on soil quality is a report statistics which is made on the basis of Article 15, Environment Strategy Basic Law and Article 5, Soil Environment Conservation Law. This study was conducted according to quality assessment of Korea National Statistical Office. The assessment of quality infrastructure advised that the authority bring up and increase completely responsible officer and secure the budget. The assessment of user satisfaction and reflection of request propose that the statistics is focused on soil background concentration, decrease soil sampling points and extend survey period. The assessment of error management system per processes of detailed preparation suggest change of the statistics objective, a reduction of sampling points and improvement of survey period and soil measurement properties. Accuracy assessment of data proposed cuts of sampling points, accessibility increment and build up of management system linking subordinates and Ministry of Environment. The substantiality assessment of data service demonstrated information environment improvement for users including reference expression and records of statistics table and figure contents.


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