Corrective Control of Input/Output Asynchronous Sequential Machines for Overcoming Disturbance Inputs

외란 입력을 극복하기 위한 입력/출력 비동기 머신의 교정 제어

  • Published : 2009.03.01


The problem of controlling a finite-state asynchronous sequential machine is examined. The considered machine is governed by input/output control, where access to the state of the machine is not available. In particular, disturbance inputs can infiltrate into the asynchronous machine and provoke unauthorized state transitions. The control objective is to use output feedback to compensate the machine so that the closed-loop system drive the faulty asynchronous machine from a failed state to the original one. Necessary and sufficient condition for the existence of appropriate controllers are presented in a theoretical framework. As a case study, the closed-loop system of an asynchronous machine with the proposed control scheme is implemented in VHDL code.


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