Effect of Various ${\prod}$Type Metal Electrode in the AC PDP

AC PDP에서 다양한 형태의 ${\prod}$형 금속방전유지 전극의 효과

  • 유수복 (울산과학대학 전기전자통신학부)
  • Published : 2009.03.01


Recently, an AC Plasma Display Panels(PDP) with the metal sustain electrodes have been reported in order to reduce the manufacturing cost of the AC PDP. However, the luminance and efficacy of the AC PDP with metal electrodes are worse than those of the AC PDP with ITO electrodes. In this paper, various ${\prod}$type metal electrodes are suggested, in order to improve the electro-optical characteristics of the AC PDP with metal electrodes. Among the suggested electrode types, luminance of Hump electrode structure is higher by $40\;cd/m^2$ and discharge current of Asymmetry electrode structure is lower by 5% than those of Pi electrode structure, respectively. Moreover, $T_1$ of Hump electrode structure is reduced to 10% as compared with Pi electrode structure in address period for ADS driving scheme. In all aspects, the characteristics of Hump and Asymmetry electrode structure show best performance.


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