• Sercombe, J. (CEA, DEN, Fuels Studies and Modelling Section) ;
  • Agard, M. (CEA, DEN, Fuels Studies and Modelling Section) ;
  • Struzik, C. (CEA, DEN, Fuels Studies and Modelling Section) ;
  • Michel, B. (CEA, DEN, Fuels Studies and Modelling Section) ;
  • Thouvenin, G. (CEA, DEN, Fuels Studies and Modelling Section) ;
  • Poussard, C. (CEA, DEN) ;
  • Kallstrom, K.R. (Studsvik Nuclear AB)
  • Published : 2009.03.30


In this paper, three power ramp tests performed on high burn-up Re-crystallized Zircaloy2 - UO2 BWR fuel rods (56 to 63 MWd/kgU) within the SCIP project are simulated with METEOR and ALCYONE 3D. Two of the ramp tests are of staircase type up to Linear Heat Rates of 420 and 520 W/cm and with long holding periods. Failure of the 420 W/cm fuel rod was observed after 40 minutes. The third ramp test consisted of a more standard ramp test with a constant power rate of 80 W/cm/min up to 410 W/cm with a short holding time. The tests were first simulated with the METEOR 1D fuel rod code, which gave accurate results in terms of profilometry and fission gas releases. The behaviour of a fuel pellet fragment and of the cladding piece on top of it was then investigated with ALCYONE 3D. The size and the main characteristics of the ridges after base irradiation and power ramp testing were recovered. Finally, the failure criteria validated for PWR conditions and fuel rods with low-to-medium burn-ups were used to analyze the failure probability of the KKL rodlets during ramp testing.



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