• Published : 2009.02.28


The contents of transuranic elements ($^{237}Np$, $^{238}Pu$, $^{239}Pu$, $^{240}Pu$, $^{241}Am$, $^{244}Cm$, and $^{242}Cm$) in high-burnup spent fuel samples ($35.6{\sim}53.9\;GWd/MtU$) were determined by alpha spectrometry. Anion exchange chromatography and diethylhexyl phosphoric acid extraction chromatography were applied for the separation of these elements from the uranium matrix. The measured values of the nuclides were compared with ORIGEN-2 calculations. For plutonium, the measurements were higher than the calculations by about $2.6{\sim}32.7%$ on average according to each isotope, and those for americium and curium were also higher by about $35.9{\sim}63.1%$. However, for $^{237}Np$, the measurements were lower by about 52% on average for the samples.


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