• Yoo, Jun-Beom (Konkuk University, Division of Computer Science and Engineering) ;
  • Cha, Sung-Deok (Korea University, Department of Computer Science and Engineering) ;
  • Jee, Eun-Kyung (KAIST, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science)
  • Published : 2009.02.28


Verification of programmable logic controller (PLC) programs written in IEC 61131-3 function block diagram (FBD) is essential in the transition from the use of traditional relay-based analog systems to PLC-based digital systems. This paper describes effective use of the well-known verification tool VIS for automatic verification of behavioral equivalences between successive FBD revisions. We formally defined FBD semantics as a state-transition system, developed semantic-preserving translation rules from FBD to Verilog programs, implemented a software tool to support the process, and conducted a case study on a subset of FBDs for APR-1400 reactor protection system design.


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