Debate Competence and Strategy

토론 능력과 토론 전략

  • 장영희 (남서울대학교 교양학부)
  • Published : 2009.02.28


This study on strategy and its function in debate offer the materials of education concrete and practical to be able to improve the expression ability and comprehension ability of the students, and can give lots of help to improve the ability of application that can answer quickly in trouble circumstances. The type of strategy in the course of set up the theory are (1) the form of concept definition, (2) the form of solution offer, (3) inductive form and deductive form, (4) the form of example offer. The type of strategy in the course of contradict are (1) the form of soliloquy, (2) the form of claim comparison, (3) the form of partial recognition. The type of strategy in the course of cross examination are (1) the form of question in return and contradict, (2) the form of partial consent contradict. We believe this study will improve the communication ability and negotiation ability and also make a great contribution to improve the leadership of 21-century type if this study will be used in the field of education.


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