Analysis of the Decision Making of Landlord in Cubical Substitute Lot

입체환지시 토지 소유자의 의사결정에 대한 수리적 해석 - 도시설계 및 개발의 관점으로 -

  • 이원영 (수원대학교 도시부동산개발학과) ;
  • 최창규 (수원대학교 도시부동산개발학과)
  • Published : 2009.02.28


This study has tries to define the structure of cubical substitute lot development and develope the logical tool for GIS(Geographic Information System). The research has found such important variables as the gap of land price, FARIfloor area ratio), LBR(land burden ratio) and etc. Among those variables, current land price and increasing rate of the price could not be controled by the developer and governments. LBR and FAR, however, could be negotiated and regulated by those shareholders. The result could define the control variables in cubical substitute lot which should be included in the future system for the development tool. The outcome could give the objective ground for local governments, landlords, and engineering companies which involve the cubical subsititute lot.


Cubical Substitute Lot;FAR(Floor Area Ratio);GIS(Geographic Information System)


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