Design of U-Health System based on Embedded Event Filtering

EEF 기반의 U-Health 시스템 설계

  • Published : 2009.02.28


In this paper we suggest the EEF technique to improve the performance of U-Health System. The idea of the EEF technique is that a sensor node sends only the abnormal data of patients to the base node. This technique reduces the amount of data transfer between a base node and sensor nodes, and so the power consumption of sensor nodes will be saved. And also the processing cost of base node will be reduced. In the suggested U-Health System based on EEF technique, electrocardiogram sensors and GPS sensors are used to send the electrocardiogram and position information of patients to a server. The server analyzes the health state of patients from base nodes and sends the information about the patients in the emergent state to the nearest hospital. Through the simulation, we have confirmed the suitability of EEF technique for U-Health System.


U-Health;BSN;Bio Sensor;EEF


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