Improvement of IEEE 802.15.4b LR-WAPN Frequency Offset with Multiple Differential Filter

다중 차분 필터에 의한 IEEE 802.15.4b LR-WPAN 주파수 옵셋의 개선

  • 정차근 (호서대학교 공과대학 시스템제어공학과) ;
  • 강성민 (호서대학교 공과대학 시스템제어공학과)
  • Published : 2009.02.28


This paper analyze the effect of frequency offset for the IEEE 802.15.4b LR-WPAN(Low-Rate Wireless Personal Area Network) with 915MHz bandwidth noncoherent DSSS O-QPSK based receiver system, and presents a compensation method with addition of differential filter to the system for compensation of frequency offset problem. DSSS PSSS-ASK and DSSS O-QPSK modulation techniques are accepted within the regularization of IEEE 802.15.4b. These new method can obtain 250kbps transmission rate. The DSSS O-QPSK modulation method that is used in this paper has no BER variation below 40ppm(frequency offset 36.6kHz), but if the offset frequency become high above 40ppm, then the system cannot have stable receiving condition due to worse BER. To solve this problem, we present a more stabilized receiver system at maximum frequency offset ${\pm}80ppm$ using MDDF unti a correlator of DSSS O-QPSK modulator. Moreover computer simulation results will be presented to evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithm unde various AWGN and frequency offset environment.


Frequency Offset;Differential Filter;Transmission Rate;DSSS O-QPSK Modulation;LR-WAPN


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