Manufacturing Suitability and Quality Characteristics of Porridge Containing Added Oligopeptides from Pork Meat and Isolated Soybean Protein

돈육과 대두 Oligopeptide를 첨가한 죽의 제조 및 품질 특성

  • Published : 2009.12.31


In this study, pork meat oligopeptides and ISP oligopeptides were prepared from purified meat protein and, isolated soybean protein, respectively. These oligopeptides were added to porridge. Then their manufacturing suitability and quality characteristics were evaluated. The porridge which included meat oligopeptides and ISP oligopeptides satisfied the 20% RI (recommended intake) of protein and 40% RI of EAA for man between the ages of 20 to 29. According to measurements of the physicochemical characteristics of porridge, the degree of viscosity, spreadability, pH, and lightness L value, were acceptable for consumption. In addition, the oligopeptide powders had good solubility. and were easy to add when cooking. The above results indicate that pork meat oligopeptides and ISP oligopeptides are excellent dietary nitrogen sources for a variety of applications.


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