Quality Characteristics of Peeled-Chestnuts Based on the Degree of Gelatinization during Storage

박피 밤의 저장 조건에 따른 품질 변화 분석

  • 황자영 (동남보건대학 식품영양과)
  • Published : 2009.12.31


Peeled chestnuts were stored at different temperatures($-10^{\circ}C$ and $-20^{\circ}C$) and after blanching at $90^{\circ}C$ for different lengths of time(0, 10, and 20 min) for 6 months. After the storage period, the texture, color, DSC and sensory characteristics were analyzed. Hardness, fracturability and chewiness increased with storage time, whereas springiness and cohesiveness decreased. Additionally, the L* decreased and a* and b* increased with storage time. Analysis of the DSC revealed that the peak of the retro gradation was approximately $46{\sim}60^{\circ}C$ and enthalpy for the peak increased with storage time. Additionally, the increment of enthalpy for samples stored at $-20^{\circ}C$ and blanched was lower than that of samples stored at $-10^{\circ}C$ and non-blanched samples. The sensory evaluation scores were also higher for samples stored at $-20^{\circ}C$ and blanched samples than for those stored at $10^{\circ}C$ and non-blanched samples.


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