Dielectric-Spectroscopic and ac Conductivity Investigations on Manganese Doped Layered Na1.9Li0.1Ti3O7 Ceramics

망간이 혼입된 층상구조 Na1.9Li0.1Ti3O7 세라믹스의 유전율 ‒ 분광법과 교류 전도도 측정 연구

  • Pal, Dharmendra ;
  • Pandey, J.L. ;
  • Shripal
  • Published : 2009.02.20


The dielectric-spectroscopic and ac conductivity studies firstly carried out on layered manganese doped Sodium Lithium Trititanates ($Na_{1.9}Li_{0.1}Ti_3O_7$). The dependence of loss tangent (Tan$\delta$), relative permittivity ($\varepsilon_r$) and ac conductivity ($\sigma_{ac}$) in temperature range 373-723K and frequency range 100Hz-1MHz studied on doped derivatives. Various conduction mechanisms are involved during temperature range of study like electronic hopping conduction in lowest temperature region, for MSLT-1 and MSLT-2. The hindered interlayer ionic conduction exists with electronic hopping conduction for MSLT-3. The associated interlayer ionic conduction exists in mid temperature region for all doped derivatives. In highest temperature region modified interlayer ionic conduction along with the polaronic conduction, exist for MSLT-1, MSLT-2, and only modified interlayer ionic conduction for MSLT-3. The loss tangent (Tan$\delta$) in manganese-doped derivatives of layered $Na_{1.9}Li_{0.1}Ti_3O_7$ ceramic may be due to contribution of electric conduction, dipole orientation, and space charge polarization. The corresponding increase in the values of relative permittivity may be due to increase in number of dipoles in the interlayer space while the corresponding decrease in the values of relative permittivity may be due to the increase in the leakage current due to the higher doping.


Mn-doped Layered titanium oxide ceramics;Dielectric Properties;Polaronic Conduction;Ionic Conduction


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