Characterizations of Novel Poly(aspartic acid) Derivatives Conjugated with γ-Amino Butyric Acid (GABA) as the Bioactive Molecule

  • Kim, Seung-Il (School of Chemical Engineering, Polymer Technology Institute, Sungkyunkwan University) ;
  • Son, Chang-Mo (School of Chemical Engineering, Polymer Technology Institute, Sungkyunkwan University) ;
  • Jeon, Young-Sil (School of Chemical Engineering, Polymer Technology Institute, Sungkyunkwan University) ;
  • Kim, Ji-Heung (School of Chemical Engineering, Polymer Technology Institute, Sungkyunkwan University)
  • Published : 2009.12.20


Novel poly(aspartic acid) derivatives conjugated with $\gamma$-amino butyric acid, GABA, moieties, and their amphiphilic analogs were synthesized and characterized. The chemical structures of these polymers were confirmed by FT-IR and $^1H$ NMR spectroscopy. Their physicochemical properties in aqueous media were characterized by electrophonetic light scattering spectrophotometry (ELS), acid-base titration, and UV-spectroscopy. In addition, the in vitro cell activity of the GABA-conjugated polymer was examined. These results indicated that GABA-conjugated poly(aspartic acid) derivatives showed cell-growth activity and nanoparticle formation of a suitable size within aqueous media. These polymers have potential application in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields.


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