Archaeology of Textile

부록1 방직고고

  • An, Bo Yeon (Buyeo National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage)
  • Published : 2008.10.30


This article found that establish of the new study, "Archaeology of Textile", and its process of development based on the Silk Road from China. Archaeology of Textile which is formed by the modern archeology in the 20 centuries developed is a research focused on textile and is required experts knowledge of archaeology, natural science, and history of textile. Textiles are the most difficult to handle of existing antiquities and it is rare to be excavated perfectly. However, the early archaeologists were interested in the Silk Road inconsistently. There were various kinds of silk and embroidery in the center of excavation process. In China, there are still numerous textiles have been excavating from across the country which has leaded to the top level of the textile study in the world. Compare to China, Korea hasn't excavated textile much, and we've been having a difficulty to research with small pieces of textile fabrics. With lack of understanding of textile, it is insignificant to excavate relic such as Chunma-Chong(天馬塚), tomb of king Muryeong(武寧王陵) which has started in-depth studying after 30 years later since it was discovered. Accordingly, a history of archeological textile will be introduced and make sure the possibility of study of excavated textile will make sure through this study.