Assessing the Effects of Acrylic Resin (Paraloid B-72) on Buddhist Mural-painting conservation - Focusing on Outside Mural Paintings of Mireuk Hall in Geumsan Temple -

아크릴계 수지(Paraloid B-72)가 사찰벽화 보존에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구 - 금산사 미륵전 외벽화를 중심으로 -

  • 이경민 (국립문화재연구소 복원기술연구실) ;
  • 한경순 (건국대학교 회화학과 회화보존전공) ;
  • 이화수 (한림보존테크)
  • Published : 2008.12.24


This study examines the status and the physical features of Paraloid B-72 layers with examination of microstructure and analysis of organic matters. Paraloid B-72 layers were coated on samples from the colour layer of outer wall painting in Mireuk hall in Geumsan temple. On the basis of the previous examination result, it has made the samples which are similar to outer wall in Mireuk hall in Geumsan temple. The samples can be divided into two, one; 5% Paraloid B-72 coating and another is without coating. Then samples have been experimented under the compulsive environments of infrared radiation and immersion, thereafter compared the results of the damages and physical features between two samples. As a result of the comparison, the sample with Paraloid B-72 had more serious cracks, exfoliations and peeling layers than that of without Paraloid B-72. Otherwise, in the examination of ultraviolet radiation, the sample with Paraloid B-72 coating showed weaker physical properties, less density in structure of colour layer and less hardness in surface of colour layer than the sample without coating. The percentage of moisture content after the ultraviolet radiation was higher in the sample without Paraloid B-72 than the sample with Paraloid B-72 coating. Observing the conditions before the ultraviolet radiation, the sample with Paraloid B-72 coating demonstrated lower rate in moisture evaporation rate than the sample without Paraloid B-72. As a consequence, in examination of this samples, the change of physical features are increased in the sample with Paraloid B-72 coating than that without Paraloid B-72 when compulsive environment of heat, moisture and ultraviolet rays for a short term are imposed.