Analysis of Conservation Scientific Deterioration Diagnosis and Conservation Environment of the Samjonbul Carved on Rock Surface in Taean, Korea

태안마애삼존불의 보존과학적 훼손도 진단과 보존환경 분석

  • Published : 2008.12.24


Sam-jon-bul or Three Buddha Image Carved on rock surface which is called Sam-jon-bul in Taean, state-designated national treasure No. 307, made in Baek-je Period, has two Buddha images and one Bodhisattva. The detached part of the Sam-jon-bul from wall rock has been attached through conservation treatment in 1995. Few study has been done on weathering condition of petrological point of view and damage while the surface of the Sam-jon-bul has been under serious weathering (relief) of loosing stone particles, and discoloration. In this study, it was made weathering damage maps, which show physical property of the material and state of damage of Sam-jon-bul, in order to dialogize how far the weathering has been done. It has been considered continuing on-site monitoring as necessity when Sam-jon-bul was covered with dew, which may have been caused by change in weather in and out of the protect building. It is necessary to set up detailed conservation plan for it by doing regular diagnosis on the influence of the protect building and weathering of Sam-jon-bul.