A Study on the Influence of Extreme Heat on Daily Mortality

폭염이 일사망자수에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

  • Park, Jong-Kil (School of Environmental Sciences Engineering/Institute of Basic Science, Inje University) ;
  • Jung, Woo-Sik (Department of Atmospheric Environment Information Engineering/Atmospheric Environment Information Research Center, Inje University) ;
  • Kim, Eun-Byul (Department of Atmospheric Environment Information Engineering/Atmospheric Environment Information Research Center, Inje University)
  • 박종길 (인제대학교 환경공학부/기초과학연구소) ;
  • 정우식 (인제대학교 대기환경정보공학과/대기환경정보연구센터) ;
  • 김은별 (인제대학교 대기환경정보공학과/대기환경정보연구센터)
  • Published : 2008.10.31


In Korea, the global warming leads to more frequent high temperature region. increasing the need for research into physical damage caused by high temperature. We therefore analyzed the differences of mortality, caused by extreme heat, among gender and age. We also examined the trend of mortality from high temperature-sensitive diseases. Women are more affected by exposure to high temperature than are men; People over 65 years old have higher mortality rate (1.5 times) than under 65. As for high temperature-related diseases, cerebrovascular disease was the number one cause of death, and chronic lower respiratory disease and cardiovascular disease followed.


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