The Studies of Photocatalyst Development and the Optimum Operation Conditions for the Removal of Ammonia in a Mixed Reactor of Liquid-vapor Phase

기-액 복합 광반응기에서의 악취성 암모니아 제거를 위한 촉매개발과 반응시스템의 최적조건 색출 연구

  • Published : 2008.10.31


Ammonia is a major compound of odor in livestock house. To enhance the performance of ammonia oxidation (decomposition). the gas-liquid, two phase photocatalytic oxidation system was designed and prepared in this study. Commercial P-25 as $TiO_2$ catalyst was used for ammonia decomposition. V/P-25 catalyst prepared by sol gel method was also used for the removal of by-producted $NO_x$ in $NH_3$ oxidation reaction. When $TiO_2$ was used as a photocatalyst, the conversion to $N_2$ in ammonia decomposition reached above 90% until 200hr (The air flow rate of 4L/min with the ammonia concentration up to 25ppm.). However, considerable amounts of NO and $NO_2$ were formed as a result of $NH_3$ oxidation (as a by-product). Therefore, we added Vanadia impregnated $TiO_2$(P-25) catalyst for the removal of $NO_x$ at the end of reaction trail. The results of a pilot-scale operation were successful to achieve the simultaneous removal of $NH_3\;and\;NO_x$ about 81 and 87%, respectively.


Photocatalyst;Photodecomposition;Ammonia$NO_x$ reduction;V/P-25


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