A Study on the Curriculum Development of Continuing Education for Academic Librarians in Korea

대학도서관 사서를 위한 전문 계속교육과정 개발에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2008.09.30


As the library and information environment advanced, librarians should participate in continuing education programs for the improvement of services to satisfy users' need. To develop a curriculum model of continuing education for academic librarians, we reviewed related previous studies and continuing education programs performed both in Korea and overseas. Then. a survey was done to the academic librarians sampled systematically to identify the subject need for education. Based on the analysis, 2 sets of comprehensive curriculum were devised for the middle managers and working librarians respectively. The curriculum for the middle managers is consisted of 27 courses in 9 subject fields. and the curriculum far the working librarians is consisted of 25 courses in 7 subject fields. We selected one highly demanding subject from each curriculum, and developed specific educational program models. 'Library marketing' for middle managers and 'building and management of digital information resources' for working librarians. Program models include educational goal, content, teaching/learning strategies. duration time, teaching methods/tools, and instructor qualifications in detail. Finally, recommendations are suggested for the promotion and settlement of the continuing education.


Academic Librarians;Continuing Education;Curriculum Development;Educational Program Models


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