Effect of different light sources and ventilation on in vitro shoot growth and rooting of a rare and endangered species, Tsuru-rindo(Tripterospermum japonicum)

희귀 및 멸종위기 식물 덩굴용담의 기내생장에 미치는 광질 및 환기효과

  • Moon, Heung-Kyu (Division of Biotechnology, Korea Forest Research Institute(KFRI)) ;
  • Park, So-Young (Division of Biotechnology, Korea Forest Research Institute(KFRI))
  • 문흥규 (국립산림과학원 생물공학과) ;
  • 박소영 (국립산림과학원 생물공학과)
  • Published : 2008.09.30


Effects of light generated by LEDs on shoot growth and rooting of Tsuru-rindo(Tripterospermum japonicum) were evaluated. Apical shoots(one or two node with 3-4 leaves) were cultured on MS basal medium with 3% sucrose and maintained for four weeks under five different light qualities: fluorescent lamp(F), 100% red LED(R), 70% red LED+30% blue LED(R7B3), 50% red LED+50% blue(R5B5), or 100% blue LED(B). Rooting was promoted by both red light and fluorescent lamp, and the effect was further promoted under the ventilation. Red light enhanced shoot node elongation, whereas blue light appeared to suppress it. Growth of shoots and leaves were enhanced under the ventilation irrespective of the different light qualities. Under the ventilated condition, total fresh weight of plants was highest in R7B3 LED as 257.7 mg per plant. Dry matters, which are used for index of plant growth, were lowest under red light, whereas it was highest under blue light. The dry matter was inclined to getting higher by ascending the ratio of blue light and red light. Total chlorophyll content was highest in both R7B3 LED and R5B5 LED under ventilation as 29.5 and 31.2, respectively. Above results suggest that light quality optimization could be an important factor to foster in vitro growth of the species. Ventilation treatment appeared to be another important factor to induce normal shoot growth and rooting.



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