In vitro micropropagation of Philodendron cannifolium

기내배양에 의한 Philodendron cannifolium의 대량번식

  • Published : 2008.09.30


In order to micropropagate uniform plantlets of Philodendron cannifolium in vitro, the shoot tips were cultured on MS media supplemented with $0.5{\sim}10.0$ mg/L BA or $0.05{\sim}0.1$ mg/L thidiazuron(TDZ). The adventitious multi-bud clusters from basal part of shoots were formed on MS media containing $2.0{\sim}5.0$ mg/L BA or $0.05{\sim}0.1$ mg/L TDZ. But the shoots grown on MS media with TDZ showed necrosis by the lack of chlorophyll. The adventitious multi-bus clusters were cut into $5{\sim}7$ mm sections and cultured on MS media containing BA and TDZ for shoot proliferation. Shoots were proliferated vigorously on MS medium supplemented with $1.0{\sim}3.0$ mg/L BA with up to 30 shoots. But abnormally swollen hard calli were formed from basal parts of shoots on MS media with TDZ and high concentration of BA(10.0 mg/L). The proliferated shoots on same media also showed necrosis by the lack of chlorophyll. The shoot growth and rooting were favorable on MS media containing $0.5{\sim}2.0$ mg/L IBA. The rooted plantlets were acclimatizated effectively in soil mixed with perlite 1:vermiculite 1 or vermiculite alone. Fifteen mL of liquid medium containing 10 g/L activated charcoal and 30 g/L sucrose were added in same vessels after small shoots were proliferated to stimulate shoot growth and rooting. After 8 weeks in culture, the shoots were dipped into high concentration of IBA solution. and planted in soil mexed with perlite 1:vermiculite 1. The shoot growth and rooting were favorable in dipping treatments of $500{\sim}2,000$ ppm IBA solutions for 10 sec.



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