Development of Functionality Evaluation Model for SOA based Software

SOA 기반 소프트웨어의 기능성 평가 모델 개발

  • 함윤상 (호서대학교 벤처전문대학원 정보경영학과) ;
  • 양해술 (호서대학교 벤처전문대학원 IT응용기술학과)
  • Published : 2008.08.31


Nowadays, as the importance of SOA-based software is recognized, the market of SOA-based software is getting bigger. In response to this, the requirements about high reliability and quality SOA-based software is getting increased. In this paper, we clearly suggested the evaluation method by giving a specific evaluation example to evaluate the functionality quality of SOA-based software. We expect that this study can raise the objectivity and the utilization by inducing the functionality quality improvement of SOA-based software and developing the strategic technology accepting the international standard.


SOA(Service Oriented Architecture);Functionality;Evaluation Model


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