Measurement of the intrinsic speed of sound in a hot melt ceramic slurry for 3D rapid prototyping with inkjet technology

3차원 잉크젯 쾌속 조형법을 위한 세라믹 상변화 잉크의 음속측정

  • 신동윤 (한국기계연구원 나노기계연구본부)
  • Published : 2008.08.31


3D rapid prototyping is the manufacturing technology to fabricate a prototype with the data stored in a computer, which differs from conventional casting technology in terms of an additive process. Various 3D rapid prototyping techniques such as stereolithograpy. fused deposition modeling. selective laser sintering, laminated object manufacturing have been developed but among them, 3D inkjet printing has a unique feature that materials could be jetted to directly form the body of a prototype, which could be a finished product functionally and structurally. However, this needs ink with a high solid content, which tends to increase the dynamic viscosity of ink. The increase of ink viscositytends to restrict the jettable range of ink and hence the jetting conditions should be optimized. The intrinsic speed of sound in a hot melt ink with ceramic nanoparticles dispersed is one of key components to determine the jettable range of ink. In this paper, the way to measure the intrinsic speed of sound in a hot melt ceramic ink is proposed and its influence on the jetting condition is discussed.


inkjet;speed of sound;ceramic nanoparticles;rapid prototyping


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