Development of Efficient Training Material through Danger Analysis to Various Encounter Types using Training Ship

실습선을 이용한 선박 조우형태별 위험도 분석을 통한 효율적인 실습 교육자료 개발

Park, Young-Soo;Lee, Yun-Sok

  • Published : 2008.03.01


In the maritime universities, cadets of deck part should practice on board training using training ships of university or merchant vessels of company for 1 year according to STCW Convention. For training period, trainees are educated many education items as to positioning ability, chart work ability, vessel operation ability and cargo operation ability etc. Among many abilities, vessel avoiding ability which is demanded as a basic ability for deck officer can't be gained easily, because avoiding maneuver of ship controlled by cadets is not allowable regally and encounter situations occur randomly. This paper investigated CPA to the various encounter types with other vessels during the ocean going navigation of T.S Hannara. We analysis danger degree per each encounter type, and proposed a basic material of efficient training education about proper look-out and avoiding maneuver.


Detection range;Ship's encounter;Navigational danger analysis;Closest point of approaching;Training education


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