A Comparative Study on the Effects of an Individual Intervention Program and a Group Intervention Program on the Demented Elderly and Their Families

치매환자 및 가족지지 프로그램 효과 연구 : 개별 및 집단프로그램 비교

  • Oh, Jin-Joo (Department of Nursing, College of Medicine, Dankook University)
  • Published : 2008.06.30


Purpose: This study was to compare the effects of individual and group intervention programs on the demented elderly and their families. Methods: The programs were applied to two groups, one by home visiting and the other by group intervention. The groups were composed of 14 elders and 12 elders, respectively, with their families. The programs were applied twice a week, ninety minutes per session for four weeks. Programs consisted of cognitive therapy, music and art therapy, and massage for the demented elderly, education on dementia, cognitive-behavioral intervention for problematic behavior, methods to lessen stress, and counselling for the families. Results: AER, problematic behavior, QOL of pts and QOL, caregiving burden, and relationship with the pts of caregivers were improved after each program but not significantly except QOL of pts (Z=-3.37, p=.00) in the group intervention. When the two interventions were compared with each other, the group intervention program was more effective than the home visiting program in all variables but not significantly except QOL of pts (U=32.00, p=.00). Conclusion: In summary, both the individual and group intervention programs were helpful to both pts and families, and even though there was no statistically significant difference between the two intervention programs except in QOL of pts, the group intervention was more effective.