Performance Test of a Tuned Liquid Mass Damper installed in a Real-Scaled Structure

실물크기 구조물에 설치된 동조액체질량감쇠기의 성능실험

  • Published : 2008.04.28


In this paper, a tuned liquid mass damper(TLMD) was proposed and experimentally investigated on its control performance, which can control bi-axial responses of building structures by using only one device. The proposed TLMD controls the structural response in a specific one direction by using a liquid sloshing of TLCD. Also, the TLMD reduces the response of structures in the other orthogonal direction by behaving as a TMD that uses mass of the container itself and liquid within container of TLCD installed on linear motion guides. Force-vibration tests on a real-sized structure installed with the TLMD were performed to verify its independent behavior in two orthogonal directions. Test results showed that the responses of a structure were considerably reduced by using the proposed TLMD and its usefulness for structural control in two orthogonal directions.


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