Gender Role Identity and Depression in Female Adolescents

여자 청소년의 성역할정체감과 우울

  • Published : 2008.07.31


Purpose: This study was done to identify types of gender role identity in female adolescents and to investigate the relationship between types of gender role identity and depression. Method: The research design for this study was a descriptive survey design using convenience sampling. Data were collected through self report questionnaires from 1,497 female high school students in Seoul. Data were analyzed using SPSS 10.0 program. Results: The androgyny gender role identity was most common (33.9%). Of the types of gender role identity that had a significant relationship with depression. androgyny gender role identity had the lowest significant relationship to level of depression level, followed by masculinity, femininity, and undifferentiated type. Conclusion: It is necessary that nurses provide interventions to help female adolescents develop gender role identity toward androgyny.