Dynamics of Phytoplankton Community by the Water Depth in Andong Reservoir

안동호의 수심에 따른 식물플랑크톤 군집비교

  • Park, Jung-Won (National Park Research Institute) ;
  • Yu, Sam-Hwan (Department of Biological Science, Andong National University) ;
  • Kim, Soon-Young (Department of Biological Science, Andong National University) ;
  • Lee, Jong-Eun (Department of Biological Science, Andong National University) ;
  • Seo, Eul-Won (Department of Biological Science, Andong National University)
  • 박정원 (국립공원연구원) ;
  • 유삼환 (안동대학교 자연과학대학 생명과학과) ;
  • 김순영 (안동대학교 자연과학대학 생명과학과) ;
  • 이종은 (안동대학교 자연과학대학 생명과학과) ;
  • 서을원 (안동대학교 자연과학대학 생명과학과)
  • Published : 2008.09.30


We investigated the effect of the water quality on the phytoplankton community in the 2 sites of Andong reservoir. The water temperature in 1 m and 4 m depth (LH) was changed, but the temperature in 7 m depth (HD) was constant irrespective of the season. The dissolved oxygen in LH was lower than that of the HD. The turbidity of water and pH were similar in both depths. The concentration of chlorophyll-a decreased with increased depth of water. Fifty nine phytoplankton taxa were identified and the most abundant phytoplankton group was Chlorophyceae with 25 taxa (43%). Cyanophyceae and Bacillariophyceae consisted of 17 taxa (29%) and 10 taxa (17%), respectively. Cryptophyceae had 3 taxa (5%) and Synurophyceae and Dinophyceae had 2 taxa (3%) in Andong reservoir. Dominant species were Elakatothrix gelatinosa (Aug, 23) and Eutetramorus fottii (Aug. 23 and Sep. 28) from Chlorophyceae, Aphanizomenon cf. flos-aquae (Aug. 16), Microcystis aeruginosa (all sampling periods), and Aphanocapsa delicatissima (Oct. 27) from Cyanophyceae, and Cyclotella stelligera (Oct. 13), Cyclotella sp. (Oct. 13 and Oct. 27) and Synedra acus (Aug. 16) from Bacillariophyceae.


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